From abstract ideals to concrete reality

Our goal at Samudio Arquitectos is twofold: first, it's to design a project, based on our client's intents, that is at once functional, safe, economical, and aesthetic. Second, it's to transmit this design, in the most clear and efficient way possible, to our clients, to the authorities which will authorize the project, and to contractors whom will build it. Our goal is that this clarity and efficiency will translate to quality and timeliness in the project's execution, and ultimately to savings in total cost.

To achieve this objective, we employ the most advanced commercially available design technology. We currently develop all our projects with Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, which allows not only a preliminary 3-D visualization of the project in it's early phases but also the development of preliminary cost estimates and an unprecedented agility in the drafting and coordination of construction documents, among other benefits.

While specific conditions may vary from project to project, the following illustration offers an example of the steps involved in the process described above, from a project's conception to its completion.