65 years of service to Panama

Construcciones, S.A. (CGC), founded by engineer David Samudio Avila in 1942, and is one of three
companies under the same direction and with similar ends, the other two being CGC, in the field of construction, and Inversiones Buenaventura, dedicated to real estate development.

Today, our office focuses primarily on architectural design, engineering, interior design and urban planning, contributing the drive, creativity and expertise of our design team to a wide array of projects, among these the National Transportation Terminal (2000, architecture), the La Villa de los Santos Sanitary Sewer System (2004, engineering), and the Costa del Este residential development (1995, urban planning).

In Samudio Arquitectos, we owe ourselves to design excelence for the benefit of man, which translates to added value for our clients. Whether designing a single-family home, an institutional, commercial or industrial building, or a macro-scale urban development, we’re always observant of our duty as professionals toward the city, the environment, and the rights of the ordinary citizen.

We believe in design as the first generator of value for a project, given the power of good architecture to promote states of well-being through the functionality, safety, economy, and aesthetics of the built environment.

Hence, our daily objective is to weld our experience in design, construction, and project promotion for the benefit of whom we serve. By employing the most advanced methods allowed by contemporary architectural and engineering technology, we communicate design ideas to our clients and contractors in the most clear and efficient way possible, thus expediting the processes that result in the realization of a highly valuable and excellent project.

Over the last few years we have taken part in a series of projects with a common denominator: the
remodeling, expansion, and modernization of existing buldings for commercial or institutional ends, where the project has been presented in association with international design firms via a fasttrack Design-Build project modality. Under this project development scheme, design and construction are simultaneously executed with an intense and continuous feedback between design and construction tasks from the project’s inception on to its completion. Three such projects are: Next discotheque (2004), the Danté Store Restoration and Expansion (2005), and the Tocumen International Airport Main Terminal Expansion (2006).

While we admittedly are especially interested in projects that may directly contribute to our country’s national development, we believe in the whole world as a stage when concerning our offering of professional design services. A considerable amount of our work is either for local clients with interests abroad or for foreign clients, where such projects are built and used in other countries.

We invite you to get to know more about us, and discover how through ingenuity and imagination, cooperation, and the intelligent aplication of our principles, we’re able to create value for all of whom we serve.